FAKE – Robert Kiyosaki (“In God We Trust”)

Paperback, 240 pages
Published April 9th 2019 by Plata Publishing

Professor J. Delgado, a Yale professor and one of the world’s most noted researcher on the brain observed “the present imbalance between science and philosophy has been partially determined by methodology because “the mind was considered a metaphysical entity beyond experimental reach and it appeared more practical to invent combustion engines or to investigate the structure of cells than to speculate about emotions and thought.”  History is certainly on the side of this statement as we have witnessed rapid growth and human development beginning in the Industrial Age. Our alternatives are either to enjoy and promote material progress without dedicating much effort to unveiling the great potential of our own power source, the brain, or to dedicate more of our intellectual and economic resources toward investigation of the mechanism of mental activity, in an effort to modify the present destructive orientation of civilization.

We have already witnessed the capacity of man who have chosen instead to dedicate our efforts to economic resources.  The inventions we have created and the economic systems we’ve laid in place for which these inventions were meant to survive.  In this possible redirection of goals modern humanism could be of crucial importance.  Archaic philosophical ideas and wishful thinking will not solve our present problems. Its impact could produce an evolution of the mental quest and could be more significant for human behavior than the revolutions  in industry, atomic, science, mass communications, and outer space exploration.

“Man’s greatest problem today is not to understand and exploit his physical environment but to understand and govern his conduct.” ~ Beach, 1966

“For much of human existence, wealth has been stolen.” says Kiyosaki “The English plundered the world using the technology of large wooden ships, metal swords, cannons, rifles, and black powder against the indigenous who were under-defended using axes, bows and arrows – and stole their wealth.  The Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and the French did the same.  Early Americans stole land from the American Indians, using the technology of horses and rifles.  As such the Americans were the last to outlaw slavery, the gaining of wealth via the blood, sweat and tear of slaves from Africa.”


“The Japanese, joined Italy and Germany – using the technology of oil, internal combustion engines, airplanes, ships, tanks cannon, machine guns, and rockets – in an attempt to conquer the world.  The Cold War was a war that threatened the end of the world using the technology of atomic energy. Today’s elites are using the power of sophisticated education, the law, and derivative finance to steal the soul of the world today.”

All previous heists in history were visible.

Indigenous people could see Europeans ships and attackers – before they were raped, murdered, enslaved and before their wealth was stolen.  American Indians could see horses and rifles before they were killed and had their land stolen.  Many native Americans took horses and rifles to fight back.  Yet, history keeps repeating itself.  In World War II, people could see the attacking planes, tanks, and ships running on petroleum, the new world resource.  During the Cold War, pictures of rising mushroom clouds permeated the consciousness of the world.

Then came August 15, 1971, they day when visible attacks became – invisible!

History kept repeating itself with the only difference  – we can’t see the enemy, but there’s no need to see the enemy we already know who it is, because, history keeps repeating itself with the same players – different faces but the same players.

August 15, 1971:  President Richard Nixon did more than take the dollar off the gold standards.  He made money – invisible!  Since the 1971 gold is no longer tied to the printed money and printed money relies on the fractional reserve system.  Gold doesn’t back our dollar.  Confidence backs our dollar.  As long as “we”, the market, maintain our confidence in the system and people keep working – this charade will go on but it is in terribly weak condition and is ready to fall like a house of cards.

Throughout history, humans have always used the latest technology against other humans.  Today, much of social media is antisocial bullying.  This is the problem with having, that Kiyosaki calls ‘a split-screen’, dualistic, ego-driven right and wrong, up and down, good and bad minds that never shut up.  “We have all seen people walking around talking to themselves – I call it brain-chatter.  In reality, we are no different.  We are always talking to ourselves, commenting, criticizing, labeling, and kibitzing about anything and everything.  How many times have you been talking to someone and their body was there but they were not?  Their mind was talking to themselves.  How many times have you been that person?”

President Richard M. Nixon (Source: Newsday)

A previous blog, Mr. Roboto Re-engineering Humanity,  recognizes that the human mind is flawed and the human spirit is polluted.  The problem is, to repeat again;  technology is evolving – humans are not.  Because the collective human mind and spirituality is stagnant and slow to evolve and when we look at the rapid growth of technology and all its advancements, instead of making us hopeful for the future, we are overcome with fear and dread about the prospects for our future.    We are still guided by hate, envy, fear and greed that is at the core of so much wickedness on the earth and a lack of compassion and empathy for the lives that are impacted.  We have absolutely no business advancing new technology until ‘we’ as a collective have evolved.  If we don’t, these new technologies will only be used as a new method of finding ways to express our hate, fear, envy and greed.  We will use these new technologies to enslave, maim and kill.  To steal, to hoard and exploit.  For humans to evolve, ” will require us to turn our minds off, shut up, and tune into God.  I’m not talking about a religious God.  I support religious freedom.  We all know that religions have a lot to answer for and many religious zealots thrive in the Garden of Good and Evil.  i mean tune into the spiritual realm. If humans do not learn how to turn off their brain-chatter, right and wrong, split-screened mental TVs, we will use our mind-created technology to destroy ourselves.”

If we do not learn how to turn our minds off, humanity is finished.

Spirituality is another way of saying “It’s time to wake up!”  It’s the process of waking up. Most people are born sleeping some wake up others never do, while some go back to sleep.  This has absolutely nothing to do with religion –  although many people do make it about religion – but really, it’s a state of the mind.  Magic pills do not work, Gurus do not work, anything material; clothes, jewelry, a partner, a new house or car, it’s about being present and seeing what really is around you.

In God We Trust 

Have you noticed on all that fake paper US dollars we see the words: “In God We Trust”.  Why are we asked to trust in God? Why isn’t in “In Government We Trust? ” What happened to God’s money, gold, and silver? Gold and silver is called god money because he created it and it’s been here during the formation of planet Earth.  Gold and silver will always be here even’ when the last cockroach is finally extinct’.  So why then do the elites have “In God we Trust” printed on all our fake money?

Real money is a medium of exchange – readily acceptable for financial transactions, it’s a unit of account – value is measurable and has a store of value.  Gold and silver fits all of those categories.  The prices of gold and silver go up and down because the value of government money is going up and down.  It’s printed on our money “In God We Trust” because at one time a dollar represented the same value in gold (God’s money), in other words we trusted gold because that’s what the paper money was representing, it’s equal unit of value in gold.  That is until Nixon in 1971 removing gold’s guarantee on paper money.  From that day forth, those words “In God We Trust” should have been erased from all dollar bills because from that day forth right down to today all money that’s  printed is fake money. F-A-K-E, Fake, fake money.

Instead Kiyosaki encourages readers to buy – not invest, buy – gold and silver calling it God’s Money (not paper money and not ETFs).  Don’t spend it, lock it away – not in a bank, in a fire resistant safe away from your home – maybe in a different country depending how much you have.  I am sure you can use your gold as insurance for cash flow, the only thing in my mind that paper money is good for – the short term. “Gold and silver are insurance against the greed, corruption, ignorance, and incompetence of elites who have become despots.”  Kiyosaki repeatedly says:  “Always remember: gold and silver will be here long after you, I , the elites, and the cockroaches are gone.”  Since gold and silver are real money, there is no counter-party risk and God does not default or break her promises.  Printed money, on the other hand, fails as store value.  It’s fake because it can be printed because of the fractional reserve system of banking and it loses value the longer you hold on to it.  That’s why savers are losers – literally.

Tired of losing? Buy gold and silver. (And don’t spend it)

Source: Hero Stocks

Kiyosaki also refers to gold as the ‘tears of God’ and asks are God’s tears, tears of joy or tears of sadness?  Much of the gold in storage is from tears of sadness; Andes and ancient Inca gold mines, Spaniards murdering thousands of natives for their gold, Nazis did the same to Jews,  English did the same to the Scots, Irish, Maoris, and Aborigines, Americans to American Indians and Hawaiians, Japanese to Chinese and Koreans White Americans slave owners to African Slaves (i.e. Congo) “And the elites are doing the same today.”  We have all heard stories about people who acquired their wealth via ill-gotten means.  The spiritual lesson applies to anything. He says:

“It’s not your money, power or wealth that matters.  It is how you acquired your money and wealth that matters.”

Honesty & Integrity: Unethical Conduct Destroys More than Business. (Source: http://www.randrmagonline.com)

1965, the US government began debasing US silver coins, which is why silver coins have copper tinge around the edge. It’s not the first time, the Romans did it even the Chinese during the Tang Dynasty (ADS 618-907) when paper fake money was first printed and used to make the rich richer before the practice caught on in Europe during the 17th century.  The Chinese Empire collapsed when the elites realized it was easy to print fake money to fight wars and build monuments to themselves.

Which is what happened to the British during the world wars.  Before the US it was the British pound that was the world’s trading currency.  However, the Wars were costly to fight and the Brits soon found themselves appealing to the US to help fight their wars and it was very expensive. They lost most of their gold to the US. That’s why in 1944 the Brentwood Agreement the US, now in possession of most of the world’s gold, made the pact and replaced the British pound with the USD as the world’s trading currency.

Who are the elites?

Kiyosaki also talks about our lacernous education system – and it certainly not just the ‘lacernous’ education system, lacerny is happening everywhere from the people whom you expect and unfortunately from others who know better:”

DefinitionLarceny is the wrongful taking and carrying away of the personal goods of another from his or her possession with intent to convert them to the taker’s own use.

First class elites:  John Kennedy, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, all graduates of Harvard and Yale, and Trump (he came from old wealth too) are from America’s white aristocracy, inherited wealth.

You see many of the America’s great schools were started by entrepreneurs, many “robber barons” like John D. Rockerfeller, J.P. Morgan, Cornelius Vanderbilt, James Duke, and Leland Standford.  Their mission or the purpose behind the philanthropy “these entrepreneurs were looking to train employees to run their empires, not really to educate the best and the brightest”.  The old money rich began opening the doors to elite higher education to extremely bright students from the middle-class and poor in the 1960s and 1970s.  The group of alumni vetters who interviewed prospective students were urged to “admit a lad with relatively low academic prediction whose personal qualifications seemed outstanding, rather than a much drabber boy with high scholastic predictions. One alumni objected saying:

“Let me get down to basics.  You’re admitting an entirely different class than we’re used to…You’re talking about Jews and public school graduates as leaders.  Look around this table. These are America’s leaders.  There are no Jews here.  There are no public school graduates here.”

“That alumnus lost and non-white kids from public schools began to be admitted into Yale and other brand-name schools. These elite Baby Boomer students (second class elites) became the puppets of the puppeteers, who are the Grunch.” (Gross Universal Cash Heist) These people are from the middle-class and poor who were chosen: Steven Brill- himself, Barack Obama, William Clinton, Hilary Clinton, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and Chairwoman Janet Yellen to name a few.

Janet Yellen to Wall Street: A recession is unlikely (Fox Business)

Steve Brill came to the realization that his peers -(second class elites) the academic elites from middle class and poor families – did not have inherited wealth.  Hence, they had to use the same grit and tenacity that made them academic elite scholars to become rich.  They used that grit and tenacity to invade Wall Street, corporate America and law firms. This is the theme of Brill’s angst:

“Many of the most talented, driven Americans used what makes America great – the First Amendment, due process, financial and legal ingenuity, free markets  and free trade, meritocracy, even democracy itself – to chase the American Dream.  And they won it for themselves.  Then, in a way unprecedented in history, they were able to consolidate their winnings, outsmart and co-opt the forces that might have reined them in, and pull up the ladder so more could not share in their success or challenge their primacy.”

TRANSLATION:  The very smart, hard-working, driven poor and middle-class kids won the American Dream, then changed the laws and the financial system so others could not follow their success.  The only way the ordinary person can gain their status is to become one of them, starting with the right prep school.

Brill realized that it was these poor and middle-class academic elites who destroyed the American economy for fellow Americans from the poor and middle-class.  Put it another way, stating:

“His peers entered corporate America and exported jobs overseas, rather than compete with low-wage countries.  Lawyers took over law firms, serving only the very rich, rather than protecting the unprotected poor and middle class.  Wall Street went to financial engineering, manufacturing fake assets, rather than create new real assets.  Rather than focus on “American exceptionalism,” the academic elites in education focus on social engineering, making sure everyone is equal and no one’s feelings are hurt.  While they focus on kids being equal, to protect their kids, insuring their kids climb to the top, they made sure their kids went to the same prep schools, which assured their kind entrance into the most elite universities.

Steve Brill, Yale Club of San Francisco

They created a nation of moats that protected them from accountability and from the damage their triumphs caused the larger community…Then, in a way unprecedented in history, (I repeat) they were able to consolidate their winnings, outsmart and co-opt the forces that might have reined them in, and pull up the ladder so more could not share in their success or challenge their primacy.”

1998, 2008, 2018 what’s next?

Simply put, the Central banks do not need to ask permission to print money.  The Feds did not need Paulson, George W. Bush, Congress or the people of the United States for permission to print money.  Today the ultra-rich do not care who makes the rules, what party is in power (Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal) or if the country is capitalist, socialist or communist.

Let’s go back to the crash in 2008 to demonstrate:

The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 created the TARP program.  The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, signed into law in 2010, reducing the amount authorized to $475 billion.  In essence the government said “No” to the $700 billion request to bail out the “too big to fail” banks.  The lawmakers reduced $700 billion to $475 billion.  Then on October 11, 2012, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reduced it further to $431 billion.  Then Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s words came true.  When our leaders said “No.”

“Give me control of the nation’s money…I care not who makes its laws.” ~Mayer Amschel Rothchild

Mayer Amschel Rothchild (Source: Henry Mokaw.com)

The central banks took over and, as Prins states, the new normal began:

 “Central Banks have become more powerful than governments by virtue of their ability to create massive amounts of money without any legal restrictions or limitations on the amount…..[October 11, 2012] the Fed, together with the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Bank of Japan (BOJ), has created nearly $15 trillion worth of dark money…. That dark money goes to the biggest private banks and financial institutions first.  From there, it spreads out in seemingly infinite directions affecting different financial assets in different ways. …Many people want to believe their vote counts and that it matters in which party you belong to or who wins the election but really it doesn’t matter…..Once upon a time, professional investors could count on “price discovery”.  That meant the free market would determine the real price of an asset.  Today, the central banks of the world control asset prices. …”

After 2008, the world stopped trusting the US dollar.

Kiosyaki, suspects cyber-currency, aka. ‘people’s money’, will be government money’s glass ceiling.  It would be a preferred currency because like gold, cyber currency is not held in the central banks.  With all its potential, it still has some ways to go to be fully trusted by the general public.

Let’s use the metaphor of an avalanche to describe the coming crash and possible collapse of the dollar.  An avalanche occurs when there is a build up of snow on a mountain or some area where the foundation is weak and the snow has accumulated for quite sometime. Then one day one simple tiny snowflake blows in the direction of the wind and lightly lands on the heap of snow – then all hell breaks lose, the last snowflake that set loose the avalanche of snow and buries everything in its path.  Well this avalanche metaphor has been going on for years where the dollar has been accumulating and accumulating all this debt since 1971 when Nixon took the US dollar off the gold standard. What will be our snowflake moment?  and are we prepared?

It is at times like this, one would want to take a break and take inventory on the meaning of their life, what’s important, what do you and your loved ones need to survive and start to work on personal security.  For example, Kiyosaki is into real estate and has many properties at his disposal.  One of them is his ‘go to’ place that’s packed with 3 months of food, water, cash and he says guns and ammo.  Why guns and ammo?  First for protection and second it’ll be another form of trade (currency) – especially the ammo.  His gold and silver is locked in a private vault – nothing owned (or stored) by the bank – in a different country.  And being a pilot during the Vietnam war and a skipper on an oil tank I’m pretty confident he could find his way to his loot, if all hell breaks loose.

Fuller on God

Fuller, a futurist, was constantly looking at the evolution of evolution.  He asked himself “What did God want for humanity, for the planet, for the future?”  Fuller believed humans were God’s multi-million-year experiment, to see if humans could “get it”.  Fuller believed God wanted to know if humans would use their minds to create heaven on earth or hell on earth.

He also believed that humans were in “the final examination.” He believed that if humans did not “get it” (the human race) would  use our minds to kill ourselves and our uuplanet.

“Mental activities require material supporting structures with normal neuronal functions. It is well known that, when circulation stops, consciousness is lost because neurons cannot function. Supporting mechanisms, however, should not be equated with mental activities. In the absence of oxygen, for example, it is not possible to think or to love, but obviously this gas is unrelated to ideas and emotions, being only a basic element for the maintenance of nonspecific cerebral activities. Lesions of some brain areas, chemical deficits, metabolic disturbances, drugs, and other factors may profoundly influence mental manifestations.

The distinction between material carriers, codes, and meaning is essential, and one example may clarify the subject: The wires of
telephone lines constitute the materials that carry codes of information (as electrical patterns), requiring instruments to decode the signals and a listener able to understand the message. All values, including humanistic, are stored in the material structures of the brain as codified patterns that influence neurons, synaptic connections, and neurochemical reactivity, constituting a frame of
reference for the interpretation of incoming sensory signals. Personal interpretation will modulate behavioral reactions, which could be peaceful or hostile.”

Fuller said after we and our planet were “extinct”, God would allow planet Earth to heal, life would appear again, and God would put a new bunch of primates on Earth, and another multi-million-year experiment would begin.  There are a few flaws in this way of thinking in the sense that if God is so perfect, why can’t HE get IT right? rather than humans getting IT right?  Why does he need humans in the first place?  What need do we fill that makes God wanting to keep recycling our species?  But that’s a philosophical topic for another day.  Getting back to Fuller.  When Fuller talked and wrote about humans “getting it” he was describing human evolution, evolving from you and me working only for ourselves to you and me working for a world that worked for everyone… not just a world that  works for those who have education and money.

“The greatness of America lies not in being more enlightened than any other nation, but rather in her ability to repair her faults.” ~Alexis de Tocqueville

America lost her greatness when the Fed ripped off the world by printing trillions of dollars in 1998, 2008, and today.  America lost her moral compass when America printed money in the name of protecting the rich, destroying the middle class, and creating an underclass of educated, working poor. Can we get back on track and how?  It calls for a new way of thinking, a new way of being and a new way of living.  And of course leave it up to human nature we rarely mobilize ourselves on our own, change always rises out of an emergency  where notice the root word is to ’emerge’. We emerge out of disaster.

A new economic and political system based on scientific reality is necessary.

Now I’ve been writing about America as in the United States because it is currently the world’s superpower and we as Canadians are situated right next to them as neighbors.  When I turn to Canadian politics and try to gauge where we stand in all of this and how we will fair off, all is see is a pair Bill Morneau’s new shoes to wear for Budget Day.  Meaning, there’s a lot of smoke n’ mirrors going on, they know what’s going on but they keep it under their hats, perhaps we’re not that significant when it comes to our ability to affect change in global finance.  We may be approaching the stage of ‘final extinction’ but we’re not there yet. Meaning there’s still time to not only course correct but to mitigate the levels of devastation.

Education is a very large piece in the evolution of our minds, yet may I remind you we are in a population decline; will we have individuals to teach this new education?  Then add the incredible amount of loss of life when the inevitable happens (financially and environmentally), plus our three tsunamis in health care to prepare for that many might not survive. Human population will be reduced even more.  We need to ensure the survival of our species.  That’s why altering the way we educate individuals needs to happen now laying in a clear plan extending well into the future. Put out the flames before they turn to fire and before they spread even further.  For example, I wrote about a concept used in the renaissance era, bildung, that needs to return to our public systems from k-12, to colleges and universities.  We can also consider adding financial education to the curriculum; as Kiyosaki points to the fact that  the school system trains students to become employees; teachers can only teach what the government allows them to teach and that’s why there is no educational instruction about money in schools.  Since education teaches us to become employees, they get their regular pay-cheques, [at one point employers used to offer pay-cheques for life], when we retire we have our pensions so there was/is no reason to teach financial education in schools.

Second, restoring greatness to America, I’m not sure how that will happen.  America will never go bankrupt, they’ll probably have to appeal to the World Bank or IMF to loan it some money, I really don’t know how they will turn things around.  But what I do know is that in times of distress voters tend to elect authoritarian leaders because they present the image of establishing order.  Military and brute force will no longer be able to calm the angry mob when the bubble finally bursts.  May I direct your attention to what’s happening in Hong Kong right now, there is might in numbers and when you have a revolt on your hands circumstances can easily get out of hand.  We have the data, we have history on our side,  of stolen wealth, fascist leaders, misuse of military, abusing powers of authority, you name it. Can we learn from past experiences?  Will humanity rise to the challenge and ‘get it’? We’re in our ‘final examination’ why fall back on old, outdated, repetitive modes of leading and misuse of power?


We missed an opportunity with the last crisis to affect change. The Politics of Equality, Jason C. Myers observes that “the financial crisis  that began in 2007 should have come as no surprise to anyone familiar with social egalitarian critique of capitalism.  What did come as a surprise is the term ‘socialism’ in American political discourse. As Washington assumed partial control of collapsed banks and discussed public bailouts of failing auto manufacturers, newspaper columnist and TV news commentators began to ask whether what was underway was the transition to socialism – a question that had seemed light years from the US political agenda only months before.  For most Americans, ‘socialism’ was not on the agenda.  The Democratic Party that assumed control of Congress and the White  House in 2008, [under Barack Obama] had no connection to a declared socialist tradition.  No significant political figure in Washington or elsewhere in the USA called for full scale nationalization of industry or public economic planning . During all the talk of bailouts for industry, terms such as ‘class struggle‘ and ‘equality‘ escaped no one’s lips.  At a slightly deeper level, however the core values of the broad social egalitarian tradition were indeed part of the discussion.  Most telling was the match-up of slogans in 2008 presidential election, during which both major parties attempted to attract voters with the promise of ‘change’. The economic crisis was an opportunity for change.  For years, finance, insurance, and real estate firms had been the largest and most influential donors to political parties and candidates.  Now they were on the ropes, appearing before congressional committees to beg for public funds.”

Had they taken the opportunity to make the  necessary legislative changes in 2008, I doubt it would have averted this next crisis that’s about to come,  however it might have soften the blow.  Yet there’s always opportunities presenting itself for change.  When a crisis hits, there is no one-stop shop for its solution.  A solution, yes indeed is needed and for an effective solution we have to recognize that one cannot be met without the mobilization and participation from organized political forces.    Recent history has shown us that all the political movements, say within the last 100 years may have emerged independently but looking back you can see that they were all interrelated.  Unfortunately, the 2008 crisis created an even wider divide between ‘class’ and ‘inequality’ among its citizens and runs the risk of widening the gap if we stay on our present course.

Gloria Steinem, speaking at Broadbent Institute’s Progress Summit (Source: Youtube)

As mentioned earlier, we have two impending crisis happening almost simultaneously that of a financial crisis and an environmental crisis both foretelling disastrous consequences for the human race.  As we go about trying to find ways to mitigate these circumstances, my mind reflects on the words of Gloria Steinem  at a recent Broadbent Institute Progress Summit where she informs us that we  should be living and organizing ourselves not in a pyramid hierarchy but within a circle because we are all ‘linked’.  “We are all linked not ranked” she says, “and we are all linked to the environment.”  It’s a paradigm shift not in the way that we think, yet once that shift does occur I believe the solutions we seeks will present itself and be more laskting.  To make this shift in our thinking we have to recognize that the Civil Rights Movement, Environmental Movement, Women’s Movement, LGBT movements are all interwoven together, to the point that for the necessary changes that needs to transpire we have to bridge these movements by recognizing the inter-relatedness and inter-dependencies in our quest for ‘equality’ to create solutions that is satisfactory for all – including the environment.


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