It takes a while to develop a voice, but once you have it you damn sure are going to use it.”  ~ Oprah Winfrey


Welcome to my official site where  you will find a vast collection of my essays and more.

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I wrote two letters on behalf of the following:

Khaled Draeni Jailed for Journalism

Letters are in the mail!

Popi Qwabe and Bongeka Phungula

In this modern world, where people around the globe communicate with each other via text messages and electronic social networks, it is easy to forget that we, each of us, are a part of a living, breathing humanity. We cannot afford, in this ever-shrinking world, to allow differences of color, language, spiritual belief, or political ideology to stand in the way of caring for our shared human family, or for our shared home planet.

 What you will find here is a collection of writing about a journey unto itself.  A collection of writings about a journey exploring “modern humanism” and its realms in spirituality, politics, social justice and activism.  My musings about “modern humanism” began with art and feminism where I now stretch beyond choosing to express the sum of my thinking  through writing.  I look forward to sharing thoughts, exchanging ideas, inviting your comments and informing what others are doing and what you too can do to affect change.

The Power of Words!



Time to Podcast….

 I invite you to return often, check in from time to time or join my mailing list so I can tell you about some projects I’m starting to develop.  I would most certainly welcome your participation, comments and feedback.  For example, in the coming months I look forward to start recording a  podcasting series where each episode will focus on a topic from one of my essays with special guests and hopefully prize give away or an opportunity to support a community/initiative.

There’s lots of topics to choose from and there’s lots to talk about!

Stay tune!

Featured Woman: Michelle Obama




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