Victoria Parliamentary Library

A Sneak Peak at the Victoria Library!

This was a very special and exciting visit!

As you know parts of Parliament is locked down for renovations. I was lucky to gain entry to the very, very last parliamentary tour before the doors closed – indefinitely! I wanted so badly to gain entry into the Victoria Library because I was told that it too was part of the renovation closure (not sure if that still remains the case, I’ve since heard conflicting stories). Me and another visitor pretended we were part of the last tour that was only available to government employees and their family. We were stopped by the RCMP who asked if we were only the list. We told them we weren’t but “really, really, really” wanted to get in for the last tour. One of them called in on his ‘walkie-talkie’ and after a few seconds he said we could go in and have a look but we couldn’t join the tour.

That was good enough for me!

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