Stolen Paintings!

I have around 20-30 paintings missing and I’m asking you and your neighbors to help me get them back.  Most of them are unfinished but those that are unfinished there’s enough work done to still sell as is under the name “Susannah Marie”.  These paintings are stolen and if you buy one and see it’s image in the collection I list below, I ask that you return the painting to me and together we will hunt down the perpetrator for your reimbursement and report to the appropriate authorities.  These paintings are deeply personal and was to be used for my “In the Body of Nature” project that I’m about to embark on.  Not sure what the narrative is being told about the creation of these paintings are their meaning however, I can can certainly tell you that whatever narrative may be floating around about these images are most likely wrong since I myself have not had the chance to present them properly (especially being half completed – there’s much more to do).


If you see them, please do NOT hesitate to contact me in form below if you know the where about of my work.  Thank you!

Richard and Marcus – Please fix my gallery to the way it was before. Thank you!