The Book of Celestial Physics

The Book of Enoch

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Translated from:

Professor Dillmann’s Ethoiopic Text

R. H.Charles, M.A. , London, New York, Oxford, printed at the Clarendon Press, 1893, p. 212-216

LXXX:1-8, LXXXI: 1-10, LXXXII: 1-4, LXXXII: 1-6

The Book of Celestial Physics

LXXX. [1]“And in those day the angel Uriel answered and said to me: ‘Behold have shown thee  everything, Enoch, and I have revealed everything to thee that thou shouldest see t his sun and this moon, and the leaders of the starts of the heaven and all those who turn them, their tasks and times and departures. [2] And in the days of the sinner the years will be shortened, and their seed will be tardy on their lands and fields, and all things on the earth will alter and not appear in their season; the rain will be kept back and the heaven will withhold it.  [3] And in those times the fruits of the earth will be backward and not grow in their season, and the fruits of the trees will be withheld in their season.  [[4]And the moon will alter her order and not appear at her (appointed) item.  [5] And in those days there will be seen in the heaven a great fruitfulness coming on the outermost chariot to the west, and she (i.e. the moon) will shine more brightly than accords with (her) order of light. [6] And many chiefs of the superior stars will err, and these will alter their orbits and  tasks, and will not appear at the seasons prescribed to them. [7] And the whole order of the starts will be concealed from the sinners, and thoughts of t hose who dwell on the earth will err concerning them to be gods.  [8] And evil will be multiplied upon them and punishment will come upon them to destroy everything.’

LXXXI. [1] And he said unto me: ‘O Enoch observe the writing of the heavenly tablets, and read what is written thereon, and mark every individual fact.’  [2] And I observed everything on the heavenly tablets, and read everything which was written (thereon), and understood everything, and read the book of all the deeds of men and of all the children of flesh that will be upon the earth to the remotest generations.  [3] And forthwith after that I blessed the Lord, the King of the world, and I extolled the Lord because of His patience and blessed Him because of the children of men. [4] And after that I spake: ‘Blessed is the man  who dies in righteousness and goodness, concerning whom there is no book of unrighteousness written, and (against whom) no day of judgement is found.’ [5] And  those seven holy ones brought me and placed me on the earth before the door of my house and spake unto me: ‘Declared everything to thy son Methuselah, and show to all thy children that no flesh is righteous in the sight of the Lord, for He is their Creator. [6] One year we will leave thee with thy children, till again a command (comes), that thou mayest teach thy children and record (it) for them, and testify to them (even) to all they children; and in the second year they will withdraw thee from their midst. [7] Let thy heart be strong, for the good will announce righteousness to the good:  with the righteous will they rejoice, and they will offer mutual congratulation. [8] But the sinners will die with the sinners, and the apostate go down with the apostate.  [9] And  those also who practice righteousness will die on account of the doings of the godless.’  [10] And in those days they ceased to speak to me, and I came to my people, blessing the Lord of the world.

LXXXII. [1] And now, my son Methuselah, all these things I am recounting and writing down, and I have revealed to thee every thing and given thee books concerning all of them: (so) preserve, my son Methuselah, the books from thy father’s hand and commit them to the generations of the world. [2] I have given wisdom to thee and wisdom to thy son, and to thy children that are yet to be, that they may give it to their children, generation unto generation for ever, this wisdom (namely) that passeth their thought. [3] And those who understand it will not sleep, but will listen  with the ear that they may learn this wisdom and it will please those that eat (thereof) better than good food.  [4] Blessed are all the righteousness and sin not, as the sinners, in the reckoning of all their days in which the sun traverses the heaven, entering into and departing from the portals for thirty days at a tine, together with the heads of thousands of  this order of the starts, together with the four which are added divided amongst the four portions of the year, which lead then in and enter with them four days.  [5] And owing to them men will be at fault and will not reckon them in the reckoning of the whole course of the world: yea men will be at fault and not recognize  them accurately. For they belong to the reckon and will not reckon them in the reckoning of the whole course of the world: yea, men will be at fault, and not recognize them accurately. [6] For t hey belong to the reckoning of the year and are truly recorded (thereon) for ever, one in the first portal and one in the third, and one in the fourth, and one in the sixth, and the year is completed in three hundred and sixty-four days….”

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